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The best locations for yoga classes

Today we live in such a rhythm of life that sometimes does not allow us even to do some simple exercises for 10-15 minutes, not to mention a full-fledged yoga practice. We constantly have a lot of things that need to be solved here and now. Surprisingly, there is always time to, for example, “hang out” in front of the TV or in social networks for a couple of hours, and it can be difficult to find the same 15-20 minutes for yoga practice.

In the summer, I want to transfer yoga classes to nature. Performing asanas on grass, a sandy beach or a rocky surface in the mountains can be very useful… But it is also quite difficult, the instructors say.

To practice yoga, it is advisable to choose a club that has already established itself and has some kind of history, reviews, and so on. To understand how adequately yoga is taught in a particular club, it is enough just to talk with those who have been practicing in this club for a long time: according to their result, it will be clear whether you want to get the same result or whether you are not satisfied with it. In general, this is the main rule for evaluating any self-development systems: before practicing certain things, you should pay attention to those people who have been practicing this or that self-development system for several years. If you are satisfied with the result they came to, you should move the same way.

Practice yoga at home

Take a look around. It is important to find not only a convenient, but also the “right” place. It is advisable to choose a space with at least one free wall, assume the need for a certain place for storing inventory. People who practice yoga professionally recommend avoiding sharp corners, making sure that the floor in the place designated for practice is smooth and even and does not creak. If you are just starting to immerse yourself in the practice of yoga, pay attention to the fact that at first the general feeling of comfort and peace may be important. Try to orient the place of practice in the direction of the windows to avoid some unconscious anxiety.

Music is pure and devoid of tangible form of harmony. The most natural accompaniment of yoga practice is considered to be the sounds of nature, but not much less often resort to authentic music of India, China and Japan, paying homage to the East as the cradle of such practices. Install an audio system around the perimeter in order to diffuse the sound around like a light-this will help create a background that does not require too much attention, but, on the contrary, concentrates it. In addition, this way you use the entire room, which affects the feeling of airiness and openness of the space.

Yoga on the sand or on the beach

Classes near the water are favorable, especially in hot weather. While contemplating the water surface, the flow of thoughts slows down, you feel calmer and more relaxed. In addition, yoga on the sand has a number of significant advantages. And disadvantages.

Yoga in the mountains (inclined surfaces, on sharp stones)

These classes also have their own specifics. If you can do without a mat on a soft surface of sand, then a mat is simply necessary on sharp needles of needles or small stones, otherwise during practice you will experience discomfort and be distracted by irritating factors, risking injury.

Yoga on the grass

Yoga in parks is perhaps the most affordable way out to nature for residents of large cities. As a rule, the surface of the earth has not so many irregularities, but it can leave difficult-to-remove dirt spots or a trace of greenery on clothes and a rug.