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Why is breakfast so important?

Skipping breakfast, a person does not receive the right amount of nutrients, the deficiency of which is very difficult to fill during the day.

1. Having breakfast, you increase your metabolism.

By the time you wake up in the morning, most likely, there has been no food in your stomach for more than eight hours. During this time, the metabolism slows down. Therefore, when you wake up, you need to have breakfast in order to respond only with a blow to a blow. You can take advantage of this moment and eat a healthy and proper breakfast, and then your body will function naturally. This will normalize the metabolism and help keep the body mass index constant.

2. You will stabilize your weight.

Of course, with a stable BMI (body mass index), your weight will also remain relatively balanced. Eating healthy food for breakfast is actually a strategy that will help you start losing weight. Thanks to this, you will not feel terribly hungry when it’s time for lunch, and therefore, you will not overeat and intercept additional sweets and other unhealthy food on the go (like the fast food that many people love).

3. You maintain a healthy diet.

Of course, there are some breakfast foods that are not entirely healthy, so if you decide to have breakfast every day, make sure that you really choose nutritious and healthy foods. The right breakfast is cereals (with milk or juice, of course), eggs and fresh fruit. All these products contain a variety of vitamins and minerals that will help to maintain vigor throughout the day. One tip: if you decide to eat instant porridge for breakfast, then make sure that it does not include chocolate and other sweets. It will not be very useful — you might as well eat a whole box of donuts instead of such porridge.

4. You become more attentive.

When we were little, our school teachers always advised us to eat the right breakfast on the day of a difficult test. They knew that this would help us stay focused throughout the time we had to spend at the desk. Food is something that charges the body with energy, so it is logical that our brains will also be more attentive and functional when we are full. As mentioned above, you have been without food for a long time during sleep. As soon as you wake up, you need to eat immediately to stabilize your blood sugar level. Failure to comply with this rule leads to lethargy and drowsiness. Scientists have also proved that vitamins, minerals and fatty acids contained in healthy breakfast foods improve the functioning of the brain. Do not neglect the morning meal if you hope for a good start to the day and the completion of all the planned work.

We have all heard the slogan “Snickers: you are not you when you are hungry”. It’s true! All the other benefits of a healthy daily breakfast are a plus for your well-being. Is it possible to maintain the desired weight? Of course, you will have a good mood! Did you have a delicious breakfast, and you do not need to look at the clock while waiting for lunch? It’s great — you can focus on your work! And as “Snickers” hints-people are much less irritable and dissatisfied when they are full. It can be difficult at first: wake up a few minutes earlier and start your day right. But you can get used to it quite quickly, and pleasant changes will be appreciated by your colleagues, your body, and yourself.