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The optimal menu for every day

A healthy diet is the key to good health and a slim body. If you follow its simple principles, you can lose excess weight,

your health, and cleanse the body of toxins. To benefit from proper nutrition, you need to adhere to it throughout your life. First of all, it is necessary to find out which products should be present in the diet, and which should be discarded. Thus, it will be possible to make a menu and not deviate from the correct diet. Healthy food: a menu for every day.

Daily menu for the whole family with recipes


Breakfast: an omelet of 2 proteins and 1 yolk, a slice of whole-grain bread with cheese, fresh or green tea.
Snack: fruit (apple, banana, pear), yogurt.
Lunch: vegetable soup with a piece of whole-grain bread, buckwheat or pearl barley porridge with butter, fish baked with vegetables.
The second snack: baked apple, low-fat cottage cheese with honey.

Dinner: chicken fillet with bell pepper and onion, a glass of low-fat kefir.



Breakfast: oatmeal porridge with dried fruits and grated apple, tea or coffee.
Snack: salad of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers with herbs, a slice of cheese.
Lunch: borscht, baked potatoes with butter and natural spices, vegetable salad.
The second snack: cottage cheese mass with cottage cheese, green tea.
Dinner: grilled vegetables, steamed fish cutlets.


Breakfast: buckwheat porridge with milk, a sandwich of yeast-free bread with cheese, tea or coffee without sugar.
Snack: a piece of casserole with apples.
Lunch: fish soup, a slice of rye bread, stewed veal with vegetables.
The second snack: fruit salad.
Dinner: steamed vegetables, chicken cutlet, low-fat homemade yogurt.


Breakfast: omelet of 3 proteins, 1 yolk and milk, a slice of rye bread with butter.
Snack: apple, banana, yogurt.
Lunch: rice, steamed fish, salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs, radishes and olive oil.
The second snack: cheesecakes, green tea.
Dinner: baked potatoes with olive oil, boiled seafood (mussels, shrimp).


Breakfast: banana-cottage cheese casserole, apple, fresh.
Snack: a slice of cheese, coffee, an apple.
Lunch: chicken broth, carrots, broccoli or cauliflower steamed, boiled fish, a piece of rye bread.
The second snack: a fruit thick smoothie with a handful of nuts
Dinner: turkey with a salad of fresh seasonal vegetables.


Breakfast: couscous with honey, nuts and raisins, green tea or coffee.
Snack: apple, bread with cheese and tomato.
Lunch: buckwheat with stewed mushrooms, carrots and onions, baked hake.
The second snack: jelly made from natural juice, cheesecakes.
Dinner: vinaigrette, boiled fillet.


Breakfast: buckwheat, boiled egg, bread with cheese, coffee.
Snack: dried fruits, apple, green tea.
Lunch: soup with lentils, bulgur, boiled beef, cabbage and carrot salad.
The second snack: cheesecakes, banana.
Dinner: omelet with tomatoes, seafood.